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Carnivore Crush is a meat delivery service in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). All of our meats are small-batch dry-aged in custom climate-controlled environments. 

We endeavour to procure the highest quality dry-age products that are not only local, but sourced from farmers that raise their animals ethically and with pride.


Our beef is 100% naturally raised on grass and whole-grain diets: 

  • No antibiotics

  • No hormones or steroids 

  • 100% Canadian Beef 

  • Gluten-free


All prepared offerings are dry-aged from 55 days up to 110 days. Once the selected ageing duration has been reached each portion is selected and graded again for marbling, finished texture and aromatics.

Our Meat Offerings

We pride ourselves in having an exclusive and intimate collection of the finest quality beef available to you, at your discretion.


Canadian AAA and PRIME beef cuts:


Porterhouse               40 oz  


T-Bone                    20 oz 


NY Striploins             24 oz                           

Fillets                      10 oz             

Rib Steaks                28 oz

Tomahawk                45 oz

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The Carnivore Crush Experience allows you to select your steak of choice from a breed on our farms, select the maturity of the cattle, and request the exact dry ageing specification you desire. All prepared and delivered for you to enjoy, or you can have us prepare the occasion at one of our exclusive dining locations around Toronto.


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