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Carnivore Crush FAQs

  • Why choose Carnivore Crush for your meat delivery?
    Louis Ioannou, founder of Carnivore Crush, believes food offers comfort, joy, and an opportunity to create and transform. It’s a chance to share and express yourself with others through one of the most universal channels we all understand -- good food shared with good people. Our mission with Carnivore Crush is simply to provide families with the highest quality of Ontario and Alberta beef. We support and value the Canadian farming economy and want to meet the families who are expertly raising Canadian Beef. At the end of the day, supplying Canadians with a healthier, tastier, and safer product than store bought meat.
  • How does meat delivery work
    It’s simple! Choose the meat you want, place your order on our website, and just let us know when you want your meat delivered within our available dates. Deliveries only take place on Saturdays and all orders must be received by 11:59pm on the Wednesday night before the Saturday delivery.
  • How is my order delivered
    We deliver all our meats frozen in a reusable thermally insulated bag. We package each order with nontoxic food grade ice packs to keep the product frozen and cool for up to 6 hrs.
  • What time will my order be delivered?
    We cannot guarantee a delivery time but will do our best to coordinate with you in advance of your delivery. No signature is required for delivery but please ensure you are home. Carnivore Crush will not be held liable or responsible for missing or stolen orders from residential locations. Read our shipping policy.
  • Where do you deliver to?
    Carnivore Crush currently delivers to the Greater Toronto Area. This region includes as far east as Oshawa, as north as Newmarket and as West as Burlington. If you aren't sure if you fall within our delivery area, please contact us. We are working with local partners to expand our service area soon.
  • How much is shipping?
  • What kind of meat do you offer?
    We have two collections -- Farm Fresh and Signature. Our Farm Fresh meats are aged between 28-32 days. Our Signature meats are dry-aged aged for 65 days, but we can do dry ageing for up to 110 days with a custom order. Contact us today to learn more. We only source organic meats produced by local Ontario farmers that run and live on the farms with their families. To learn more about our ethical sourcing and the farms we partner with, visit Our Farms page.
  • Do you offer halal meat?
    Yes! We recently found a supplier that meets our strict requirements of fresh Ontario-only beef raised without antibiotics and hormones. If you would like halal meat, upon checkout, simply let us know!
  • What if I am unhappy with my order?
    We guarantee all our products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, it will be replaced free of charge. This guarantee covers all our beef products, both Farm Fresh and Signature Series collections.
  • How can I cancel an order after it's been placed?
    To cancel an order, send all relevant information to Any order that has already been posted and paid for will be delivered. Any pre-order will be cancelled for the following week and funds returned to clients as per order total. It is the responsibility of the client to email, follow up and ensure the account has been terminated. At this point a confirmation email will be sent out to the client, confirming the account is indeed terminated and no further action is required by the client.
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