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Carnivore Crush

Terms & Conditions

Carnivore Crush is the owner of the content found at These terms of use apply to all users of the website, including users who upload any materials to the website, users who use services provided through this website and users who simply view the content on or available through this website.

By using this website you indicate your acceptance of these terms of use. If you do not accept these terms of use, then do not use this website or any of its content or services. These terms of use may be amended or updated by carnivore crush from time to time without notice or advice. Further the terms of use may have changed since your last visit to this website. Your use after any amendments or updates of these terms of use shall signify your acceptance of such revised terms. It is up to you to review and update yourself on the website content as it can change from time to time. Any new features that may be added to this website from time to time will be subject to these terms of use, unless specifically stated otherwise. You should visit this page periodically to review the terms of use.

If you do not agree with the terms of the privacy policy do not use the website or services it renders. In order to use this service and find content on the website you must provide personal information in order to access and order products. Review all forms, do not use the site if it appears unsecure, do not provide information if you are unsure of what the consequence of your actions are. Do not order meat if you are a vegan.

Our Offer: Based on a single order the client can select from a variety of Ontario raised beef products. Exclusively offered to the Toronto market.

Pricing: Prices are subject to change. We cannot always control the stock and consistent pricing. Kindly email us prior to placing your order should you have any questions.

Registration: In order to register you must be of legal age in Canada. You must provide all relevant mailing address information as well as shipping if separate. All credit card and payment information must be supplied. No personal information will be shared with a third party. Ensure that you update and maintain your account as required. Carnivore Crush will not be held responsible or liable for missing orders or delivery information that is not valid.


Delivery: All Carnivore Crush deliveries will be prescheduled and delivered within a time frame window prearranged. All deliveries will take place on weekends and deliveries will be scheduled on Saturdays. We cannot guarantee a delivery time but will do our best to coordinate with you. No signature is required for delivery. Please ensure you are home or available to pick up the order within an appropriate time frame and less than 6 hrs after delivery. Instructions can be left at the property for the drivers to follow. Carnivore Crush will not be held liable or responsible for missing or stolen orders from residential locations. 

Personal Information: As you are applying for this service you must use the correct billing information. Provide information that is true and correct. Always maintain the information that you have provided. Ensure that the information is provided in acceptable regional standards for delivery personnel to follow and interpret.

Carnivore Crush Content and Media: At no time is it deemed acceptable or allowable to copy, solicit or redistribute any content found on any Carnivore Crush media channel or website. It is illegal to copy, distribute, redistribute, or solicit any content without prior written consent by the owner and its agents. If any attempts are made to infiltrate, alter, or misconstrued the information as posted by Carnivore Crush and its agents, termination of use will be actioned. Prosecution may be pursued by the owner(s).

Transactions: All payments shall be electronic and completed by accepted vendors as per the website options at checkout time. The amounts will be charged to the appropriate account or card to render funds for services offered. All transactions and currency exchanges will be in Canadian dollars.

Product return or Refund: Carnivore Crush is committed in providing locally sourced top-quality Ontario Beef to its customers. Our products are selected from family farms we have built trusted relationships with. We guarantee all our products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, it will be replaced free of charge. This guarantee covers all our beef products, both farm fresh and signature selections.

Termination: To cancel an order, send all relevant information to Any order that has already been posted and paid for will be delivered. Any pre-order will be cancelled for the following week and funds returned to clients as per order total. It is the responsibility of the client to email, follow up and ensure the account has been terminated. At this point a confirmation email will be sent out to the client, confirming the account is indeed terminated and no further action is required by the client.

Questions or Comments: Should you feel it necessary to comment or provide feedback please email Carnivore Crush at All inquires will be managed internally and replied to within 5 business days.

Advertising: If you should see an advertisement on our website you have acknowledged that you are responsible for connecting or engaging any 3rd party vendor outside of our content pages as deemed by Carnivore Crush.

Products Disclaimer: You must use your common sense and judgment before consuming any of our products and to exercise care in preparing the products for consumption. If you are not educated or aware on how to prepare raw meat, you should not consume it as you may pose a health risk to yourself and people around you that consume the product you are attempting to prepare. Once delivered, it is your responsibility including but not limited to, ensuring meat products are properly cooked, meats are kept at the proper temperature when stored, at proper temperature and storage when being served. You understand and acknowledge that consuming raw or undercooked meat can lead to an increased risk of food borne illness. Carnivore Crush will not be held liable or responsible for your cooking, illness, lose of product, health-related issues caused by your attempt to prepare or lack of. No refund or reimbursement of any kind will be offered or negotiated. Should you find a package that has a broken seal or a seal that has been tampered with do not consume the product. Take a photo of the product, contact the service provider for further direction.

Indemnification: You do understand, as a condition of site use, that you do indemnify and hold Carnivore Crush, agents and employees harmless not responsible from and for all claims, of any sort, arising from any claim action. Carnivore Crush will not reimburse any claim or legal fees associated with any claim. 

General: These Terms of Use, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties relating to the Website and Service and any related activities. If any part of these Terms of Use is held to be unlawful, void, or unenforceable, that part shall be deemed severed and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions. Any action or instruction shall be directed through email. Carnivore Crush reserves the right to change products as they become available or discontinued. All information is the sole property of Carnivore Crush. It will not be redistributed or sold. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein and without regard to choice of law principles. The parties hereby irrevocably attorn to the jurisdiction of the courts of Ontario.

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