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Our Farms & Farmers

Carnivore Crush is committed to connecting you with local ethically-raised meat and beef. All of our meats are selected from Ontario family farms with whom we have built trusted relationships. We only carry organic meat produced by these local Ontario farmers. 

What makes our farms organic?
  • Each farm allows the animals to graze freely in pasture lands

  • Open barns are always available

  • The cattle are never given growth or feed enhancers

  • Each animal is raised for a longer period of time

  • ​The farms produce all of their own hay and grass pasture lands for the animals 

  • Cattle are fed grain from the farm or other local farms to keep their diets balanced (when needed) 

Here are the local Ontario farms we work with: ​

Alstein Farm Ontario

Eagleson Farm

This 4th generation family-run farm is located just outside of Grand Bend, Ontario. Continuing a proud family tradition, this farm raises its speciality Certified Black Angus cattle and sells most products at local farmer's markets. The cattle are kept happy and healthy in the fields for pasture and return to the barns at night. The cattle are raised naturally, without antibiotics or growth hormones. All butchering and packaging is done at a local establishment in the area. This farm also offers Berkshire pork, lamb and duck, as well as an assortment of homemade jams, spelt flour, and summer sausage. 

Eagleson Farm Ontario
Moonstone Farm Ontario

Moonstone Farm

Established in 2014 Moonstone Farm is a family-run farm located in Oro Modonte, Ontario. This hobby farm produces some of the richest and most flavourful meat on our menu. Specializing in the Charolais breed, Moonstone Farm continues to exclusively offer their fine product to our growing customer base. The cattle can graze on fields of more than 220 acres and when needed barn time is always an option. 


Moonstone Farm meat is inspected and prepared in locally-run, federally-inspected abattoirs.

Alstein Farm

Alstein Farm, founded in 1977, is a second-generation family farm located outside of Woodstock, Ontario. Farming methods are sustainable and responsible to ensure the future well-being of the land and environment. Producing nothing but the finest Black Angus breed cattle, the herd is born and raised on this farm. The cattle roam free in pasture, where they forage and graze. The beef is fed naturally – no animal by-products are used, nor are any growth-promoting hormones. The use of non-therapeutic antibiotics is not practised on this farm. 


The herd is evaluated by the Canadian Angus Association and by the Beef Improvement Organization (BIO) of Ontario.

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